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Record Numbers Served at Emmanuel’s Table

They came and the Lord provided Tuesday morning (6/12/18) we were inundated before we had time to open the door  The staircase was lined well before 9 am, and a steady stream continued for the rest of the morning. We served 33 households representing 135 individuals. Four had never been to the Pantry before.  Fortunately, our shelves were fully stocked and multiple buckets lined the hallway with fresh produce.  By noon, buckets and shelves were almost bare.  Which is good!…

Emmanuel’s Table May 2018 Update

Word is spreading! May 1st Pantry activity saw 23 households representing 63, a new record! Of those, 5 households were first timers, confirmation that the work is well received and the word spreading.  Woodstock neighbors continue to lend helping hands: Family Promise donated (and delivered!) cases and cases of toilet paper,  dentist Sandra Drake donated two huge boxes of toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss, Joe’s Steakhouse gave us emergency space in their freezer.  Several volunteers from other churches including a family of…