Our Diocese, Episcopal Church USA, and Anglican Communion

Our Diocese, Episcopal Church USA, and Anglican Communion

Our two churches together Make Beckford Parish

Beckford Parish is part of The Episcopal Diocese of Virginia

The Episcopal Diocese of Virginia was organized in May 1785 and was one of the nine dioceses represented at the first General Convention in September 1785 which brought together the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America. Today, the Diocese of Virginia is the largest in the Episcopal Church and includes 38 counties in central and northern Virginia.

The Episcopal Church U.S.A.

Dubbed by our Presiding Bishop Michael Curry “the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement,” the national Episcopal Church’s mission, as stated in the Book of Common Prayer’s catechism (p. 855), is “to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ.” Here in Beckford Parish, we embrace the values of our national church:

  • Evangelism: reaching out to all
  • Racial reconciliation
  • Environment: stewardship of creation
  • Inclusivity: love always wins

the Anglican Communion – Worldwide

Members of the Anglican Communion worldwide share five Marks of Mission which have been endorsed by Anglicans and Episcopalians around the globe:

  1. To proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom
  2. To teach, baptise and nurture new believers
  3. To respond to human need by loving service
  4. To transform unjust structures of society, to challenge violence of every kind and pursue peace and reconciliation
  5. To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation, and sustain and renew the life of the earth

The Archbishop of Canterbury is the senior bishop and principal leader of the Church of England, the symbolic head of the worldwide Anglican Communion and the diocesan bishop of the Diocese of Canterbury. The current archbishop is Justin Welby