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'The Rt. Rev. Jennifer Brooke-Davidson' Tagged Posts

Dia de Muertos

Meditation for the 22nd Week after Pentecost

Who Will We Be On Wednesday? from Bishop Jennifer Brooke-Davidson   Today is All Souls Day, Dia de los Muertos, a moment spent between the worlds, which feels eerily fitting, because Election Day is tomorrow. This week feels like we are careening from an unnerving present into an unknown and frightening future — whatever the outcome of the election. There are dire predictions everywhere — again, whatever the outcome. And there’s the distinct possibility that we will be stuck for a time in another,…
Pinecones and Mushrooms meditation

Meditation for the 20th Week after Pentecost

Pinecones and Mushrooms from Bishop Jennifer Brooke-Davidson   After the first couple of months of confinement, I started walking the length of the long drive at Roslyn a couple of times a day. You’d think that it would get boring, but the flora and fauna have drawn me in with Beatrix Potter-like glimpses into their habits and habitats. I peer into doorways in the hollows of tree trunks, and tiptoe past grand earthen entrances to underground cities surrounded by garlands of moss and violets that…