This Sunday Picnic at Shrine Mont

This Sunday Picnic at Shrine Mont

St. Andrew’s and Emmanuel are having a summer picnic joint service at Shrine Mont July 28. Setup begins at 11 a.m. (extra hands appreciated), service is at 12 p.m. Picnic begins at 12:45 p.m. and ends at 3 p.m. Please plan to stay after to help clean up so that it goes quickly and a couple people aren’t stuck doing all the work.


  1.  Lector: Marcia
  2. Chalice Bearers: Neil and Richard

Grill Shift:

  1. Jeff Guenther
  2. Wayne Clark

Items Needed:
We could use more desserts, ice and sides as of 7/23.

Some items are listed multiple times as we need many. If you would like to supply the entire amount needed, that is wonderful. If you can only bring part of an item where multiples aren’t listed, that’s fine. Simply let Melissa know what and how much you are able to bring. If something isn’t on the list you think we need, feel free to sign up for it!


  1. Cups: We are set!
  2. Disposable tablecloths: Marcia (6)
  3. Disposable tablecloths
  4. Trash bags
  5. Aluminium pans: We are set! 1 dozen Joy 
  6. Plates
  7. Plates
  8. Napkins
  9. Napkins
  10. Spoons — We are set! Neil
  11. Forks — We are set! Neil
  12. Knives — We are set! Neil
  13. Ice: 1 bag Joy. 1 bag Tillie
  14. Ice
  15. Coolers (many needed)
  16. Flowers: Caroyln


  1. Hotdogs — We are set! 6 boxes, Wayne. 2 packs, Jessica
  2. Hamburgers: All set! Marcia and Mother Kathy
  3. Drinks: We are set! Shrine Mont and Richard
  4. Dessert: 2 dozen cookies, Trudy
  5. Dessert: 1 pie, Dee
  6. Dessert
  7. Dessert
  8. Baked beans
  9. Macaroni salad: 1, Katherine; 1, Mary
  10. Potato salad: 1, Doris
  11. Salad: 1, Jackie
  12. Macaroni and cheese: 1, Akis; 1, Nancy
  13. Other side: 1/2 gallon broccoli salad, Tillie
  14. Other side: 1 three bean salad, Clark
  15. Other side: 1 sauerkraut, Mother Kathy
  16. Other side: 1 slaw, Tom; 1 pasta salad, Joan
  17. Other side
  18. Chips: All set! 1 lg bag, Sheila; 3 bags, Ray; 1 lg bag, Trudy
  19. Veggie tray: 1, Jonathan 
  20. Fruit tray: 1 lg, Trudy
  21. Ketchup: We are set! Sallie and Ray
  22. Mustard: We are set! Sallie
  23. Hotdog buns: We are set! Mother Kathy/Marcia
  24. Hotdog buns: 2 bags, Sallie; 2 bags Jessica
  25. Hamburger buns: 2 bags, Sheila
  26. Hamburger buns: We are set! Mother Kathy/Marcia
  27. Cheese slices for burgers: 1, Sheila
  28. Other: onions, hot half smoke and rolls, Virginia


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