A Christmas Message from Mother Kathy

A Christmas Message from Mother Kathy

Dear Beloved Church Family,

Christmas is upon us, and our emotions range from ones of great joy and anticipation to anxiety and loneliness. I pray that each of us can focus on and find comfort in the baby Jesus who comes to save us, who comes as God’s gift to us.

This past Sunday, we celebrated women in our Advent lectionary, the visitation of Mary to Elizabeth, and Elizabeth’s pronouncement of joy to Mary. We hunger for the kind of visitation enjoyed by them and the joy they both experienced. We yearn for the joy of the coming of the Christ Child.

We have worked together to bring joy and love into our community through ministry to our neighbors. This Thanksgiving, through generous gifts, we provided turkeys to Emmanuel’s Table Food Pantry and GAP. At Christmas, we provided them with special gift certificates and gift cards. Through our Giving Tree we gave new coats, hats, gloves, undergarments, socks and clothes to W.W. Robinson Elementary students in need of them.

Christmas Eve, Christmas and Lessons & Carols services are all this week. Last year our worship was limited to Zoom and Facebook Live. It was unfamiliar to most of us, and it wasn’t easy. We find hope in having vaccines available as we are ready for this pandemic to end. Please encourage all those you know who haven’t to get fully vaccinated and to get their boosters.

This year, we will worship in person, but it is still different. We are concerned about the new variant of the coronavirus; many will continue to worship through Facebook Live rather than risk potential exposure to COVID. For many families, including mine, it is year two of changed holiday plans.

As we transition into the new year, please remember that the Christmas miracle stays with us. It is a gift that can sustain us in our dark days because Christ’s coming can and should nourish us, bringing us peace within ourselves. My faith helps me understand that God is with me every day. I feel God’s love through my relationships with my loved ones. Let us love one another and see the joy in the rich graces of this holy season of love and new birth.

It is important to recognize that some of us enter the holidays missing loved ones or feeling adrift from their church home. For those of you experiencing loss or hardship during this time, I hope you find comfort in knowing our church community counts you as family. We are thankful for the joy you bring into our lives. 

Come, Lord Jesus. Come fill us with peace, joy, hope and love.