Rector’s Office Directions

Rector’s Office Directions

Unless you have an appointment, it’s always best to call ahead to make sure the Rector will be in her office.

Emmanuel: 540-459-2720
St. Andrew’s: 540-477-3335

At both churches, the Rector’s office is in the parish hall building, to the left of the church as you’re facing the main entrance from the street.

Rector’s Office at Emmanuel:

As you approach the parish hall, you’ll see outside steps going down to the basement. Open the gate, go down these steps, and knock on the door underneath the stairwell. The Rector’s office is on the left after you go in this door. The parish administrator’s office is on the right.

Rector’s Office at St. Andrew’s

Go into the main door of the parish hall. The parish administrator’s office is on your immediate left. Walk through the main room towards the kitchen in the back of the building. Before you get to the kitchen, take the hallway to the left. The Rector’s office is the last door on the right.