Prayer List

Prayer List

Commended to Your Prayers
Pray for those who have died victims of gun violence
Pray for those in need of healing Bryant Kirkland, Scott Chapman, Barbara’s friend, Chris Rush, Ellen Troxell, Tom Mohr, Cliff Yarnell, Eileen McMullin, Sally J., Mal, Barbie Kipps, Jennifer Christakes, Daniel, Marvin Jr. and Kathy Bailey, Suzanne Johnston, Chuck, Brenda Adolphson, Linda Clark, Jo Stickley, Tricia, Lucy, Bill, Sally Messina, Tom Bond, Buddy and Virginia Tayman, Peggy, Adam, Ted Johnson, Dee Crane, Derek Cole, Kevin McMullin, Polly Armstrong, Kemp Miller, Roe, Horace and Sally Jones, Stephen Randle, Elizabeth and Ray Flugel.

Pray for those who care for the sick, physicians and nurses, family and friends Courtney Burgan, Bart Hoffman, Barbara Kirkland, Imogene Poland, Dr. David Repaske, Lisa Repaske, Katie Snyder, Debbie Patton, Brigetta Stewart, Nancy Mohr, Cheryl Phillips and Jessica Smith.

Pray for those members and friends who are not able to be present with us today 

Pray for those in the Armed Forces especially Courtney Barrett, Andrew Boggs, Charles Bowman, Corey Brigner, William Byram, Chris Clark, Joseph Cooper, Tom Craig, John L. Curry, John P. Curry, Kenny Detwiler, Ashley Helvack, Cindy Hensley, Daniel Jacobson, Chris McDonald, Danny Mendoza, Christopher Murphy, Adrienne Payne, William Preston, Chris Rogers, Mark Sackett, Scott Samuels, Corey Sherk, Jacob Shifflett, James Stanley, Joshua Sydow, Andrew Weixel, Christopher Whitney, Braxton Swanke, and Michael F. Santucci.

If you would like to add someone to our prayer list, please email Melissa or use the form below.