Food Pantry UPDATE

Food Pantry UPDATE

Dear Friends,

We understand that many of you are anxious about your food supply. Know that Emmanuel’s Table is keenly aware and want to do all we possibly can. Currently, we plan to be open from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. (or until we run out) Tuesday, March 17, for emergency provisions only. We are offering prepackaged bags, being handed out based on the number of people in the family. There are two volunteers, wearing gloves and practicing social distancing, to hand out food out the parking lot. We ask that you practice social distancing as well when picking up food.

While we want to help the community and understand this is an extremely difficult time for many, we unfortunately can’t guarantee the food pantry will remain open regularly or at all. We are weighing all options and taking no decision lightly, while doing our absolute best to keep the safety of our volunteers and guests at the heart of every decision.

We can promise you updates as soon as they’re available via our Facebook and website, as this is a situation that is changing rapidly. Please be sure to check those sources regularly to be sure you have the most current information. We appreciate your understanding as we navigate a situation none of us has experienced before. If you are able to receive texts and would like updates this way, please let the volunteers know when they sign you in.

With all this in mind, we encourage folks to make other arrangements to secure food. Our website offers a list of area resources (please call to make sure they are open) and we will share any we hear of on our Facebook page.

Please join us in praying for one another during this unprecedented time. We are looking into ways to worship together virtually and invite you to join us. Information is shared via our Facebook page and website as it is available.

Holy, Gracious, Loving God. Our times are in your hands, and these times have brought us to a strange moment. We know there is fear, and we ask you to help us to turn this fear into an opportunity to spread your love. We pray for all those who are afraid, for all healthcare workers, for our hospital system, for all leaders who are making decisions that affect how families will live for weeks and months to come. We pray for all who are affected by this illness and all illness. Guide us all in this time of the unknown. Lead us, bless us, fill us with your peace and with your presence, so that our faith may always exceed our fear, and that we may be a part of the healing work that you call us to do. And we pray it all in Jesus Christ’s name. Amen.

Mother Kathy

Emmanuel’s Table Food Pantry Update
NEW Food Pickup Procedures at Emmanuel’s Table Food Pantry

  1. Remain in your vehicle. A volunteer will approach you (no closer than 6 feet away) and record the information you usually provide on the yellow sign in sheet. (Name, contact information, number and ages of your family members.)
  2. We are unable to offer the selection list. Instead, you will receive a pre-bagged order according to your family size.  Please do not ask for trades or return unwanted items. (Maybe you’ll learn to like peas and beets!!)
    • Families with 1-3 members will receive one (1) bag,
    • Families with 4-6 members will receive two (2) bags,
    • Families with 7 or more members will receive three (3) bags.
    • For the foreseeable future, please do not bring these bags or any outside bags with you. We will provide bags.
  3. A volunteer will deliver the groceries to the rear, outside of your vehicle after which time you may exit your vehicle and retrieve the order. Stow your bags, re-enter your vehicle and leave the parking lot to make room for the next. Though we usually encourage it, this time please find another place to chat with your friends.
  4. No one is allowed access to the building, including restrooms, at this time.

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