Communion Update

Communion Update

One of the most difficult changes to our worship in the last year was the absence of Holy Communion.

Back in May when we were able to regather in person, it was still advisable to administer the bread alone. Receiving Holy Communion in either form of bread or wine is full Communion and the full presence of Christ is conveyed. This doctrine concomitance dates back to the sixth century and takes its name from the Latin “accompany with.” Because Christ’s person is one, it holds, his Eucharistic presence cannot be divided and a communicant receives the complete benefit of the sacrament in either bread or wine.

The theology of the Common Cup is part of our Episcopal/Anglican heritage. How do we partake of Holy Communion in the form of wine while understanding the risks involved?

Bishop Goff has now permitted churches in the Diocese to resume the administration of wine during Holy Communion. Thus, beginning, Sunday, July 11, 2021, we will resume the administration of wine during Holy Communion.

Recognizing the importance of the theology of the common cup, Mother Kathy will consecrate a chalice and cruet of wine during the Eucharistic Prayer. At the time she breaks the bread, an acolyte will then pour wine into individual cups to be administered to the congregation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mother Kathy.