Christmas Thank You Letter From GAP

Christmas Thank You Letter From GAP

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The summary at the end:

“What I want to convey is that every penny goes to these GAP families in a variety of ways too numerous to mention. People share many, many different items and God is leading this group in ways I can’t even explain to you. But, we ARE doing the Lord’s business and we are helping those in magnificent need. I am working on a per-child (35) gift of gift cards, coupons, gift certificates for Christmas and some gift cards for the GAP Grandparents (25). These would be boxed per the Grandchild’s safety with a candy sled inside the box but something they could use for the next couple of months and enjoy spending the way they would like. If you would like to contribute, that would be wonderful! My cell phone is 540-246-4272 or email Thank you for each and every gracious gift! PLEASE keep GAP families in your prayers!!!”

Shelia Helsley, GAP Founder for Shenandoah County

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