7/15/21 The Beckford Connection

7/15/21 The Beckford Connection

“Religion at its best is not an old cobweb-filled attic called tradition, and it’s not ‘the way we’ve always done it.’ It’s a treasure chest of wisdom gleaned from human beings who have dared, as the Bible says of someone called Enoch, to walk with God.” ~ Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

It has been eight weeks since our first return to a more “regular” expression of Sunday worship. The first week we gathered we still faced mask restrictions and social distancing requirements. Since that time, as infection rates continue to plummet and stay low, we are able to adjust our worship as appropriate.

Currently, masks are not required for those who have been vaccinated and social distancing requirements have been relaxed. Last Sunday we shared Communion wine for the first time. While we still do not drink from the common cup, the wine is consecrated in a chalice and cruet and then poured at the same time as the bread is broken.

We miss seeing those who haven’t yet returned whether it’s due to COVID, a change in personal circumstances or perhaps another issue. If there are any issues or concerns that I can help you with, please let me know. I am happy to talk with you confidentially however you are most comfortable, whether it’s at one of the offices, by phone, or by Zoom or even at your home. I hope to see you soon!

~ Mother Kathy

Our prayer list can be found on our website. If you have folks you’d like added to the prayer list, please email their names to Melissa.

St. Andrew’s Rummage Sale is set for Saturday, August 28, from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. Now is your chance to clear out all the stuff you’ve been meaning to get rid of — anything from kitchen gadgets, decor, accessories and holiday decorations to clothes, kids’ items and sports equipment. We need it! We ask that all items be gently used in clean, working order. Information about when and where to drop off is coming soon! The sale benefits local charities. More info

GAP is in need of school supplies, lunch boxes and lunch box fillers (individually wrapped, such as pretzels, Goldfish, snack cakes, fruit cups, apple sauce pouches, etc.), to help get the kids off to a great start for the new school year.

If you’d like to contribute, items can be dropped off to Shelia Helsley (her address is in the directory or you can email Melissa for it). If you’d prefer to give a monetary donation, you can mail a check made out to Emmanuel Episcopal, noted that it’s for GAP, to Emmanuel and we’ll get it to Shelia. Items are being given out at the GAP yard sale on Sat., July 24, so please make arrangements to drop off items before then. Thank you for your support!


The pantry is open the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. If you know of anyone experiencing food insecurity, please let them know they’re welcome to come to the pantry. More info is on our website. July 13, the volunteers served 43 families/109 people.

As we start in-person worship, you’re welcome to bring your pledge to Sunday service or continue to mail it to the church.
Emmanuel Episcopal 122 E. Court Woodstock VA 22664 
St. Andrew’s Episcopal P.O. Box 117 Mt. Jackson, VA 22842 


More info is on our website.

Sunday through Thursday, 8 p.m. Compline on Facebook Live and Zoom 

8 a.m. Emmanuel
9:15 a.m. St. Andrew’s and Facebook Live 
11:15 a.m. Emmanuel and Facebook Live 
The full bulletin is available on our website prior to the service.

All weekly and Sunday services are available to view on Facebook and our website after the services when available.

If you’re unable to read as scheduled, please find a replacement then let Mother Kathy and Melissa know of the change.