4/29/21 The Beckford Connection

4/29/21 The Beckford Connection

Please take a moment to review the prayer list to see if there are any names you’ve added that can now be removed. You can email the names to Melissa. Some names have been on for a year and it is getting rather long, so we want to be sure it is correct.

Starting June 1, we’re starting a new prayer list process. Every two months, the prayer list will be updated so that we make sure it stays current. We’ll include a note in The Beckford Connection for two weeks before so if there is anyone that needs to remain on the list, you can let Melissa know before the update. This will not apply to those in the military, health care workers or those at home. 

The columbarium has been installed at Emmanuel. Watch for more info coming soon.

At this time, a draft of the regathering plan is going through the required process.

In an effort to help determine a safe environment for regathering, the Diocese has provided a metric from the Brown School of Public Health (www.globalepidemics.org/key-metrics-for-covid-supression). Based on this metric, the Diocese has, in the past, required remote worship for communities in “red” and “orange” zones. As an Episcopal community, we are charged with following the guidance of the Bishop of Virginia. Recently, the guidelines were revised to expand restricted indoor worship opportunities to include communities in the “orange” zone. Right now, there is no definitive date for in-person worship. It’s important to be aware that even with a gathering plan in place, in-person services could change week to week as the metrics in Shenandoah County change.

Please know we all share the same frustration and exhaustion with not being able to return to how life was prior to Covid. As we move toward regathering, let’s support one another and work together to keep all of us, and our community, safe. We will get through this and will find a new normal, together.

Thank you for sending in your pledges this month! With you’re support, we’ve continued our support of the churches and community.

You can mail current or past month’s pledges directly to the church offices. 
Emmanuel Episcopal 122 E. Court Woodstock VA 22664 
St. Andrew’s Episcopal P.O. Box 117 Mt. Jackson, VA 22842 

Bible study with the other Episcopal churches in our region is every Wednesday from 7 to 8 p.m. online via Zoom.  Whether you’ve been able to come to other sessions or it’s your first time, you’re welcome to come. If you have any questions, please let Mother Kathy know.

The reader schedule for April through June is available on our website and below.

The pantry is open the second and fourth Tuesdays in May, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

They are still seeking a volunteer (or two) who can devote approximately eight hours a month to taking inventory, ordering and determining what to place in pre-packaged bags. If you’re a detail-oriented person who is comfortable with computers and loves to be part of a team, we’d love to speak with you about volunteering.

Volunteers are required to wear a mask and social distance and must be 18 or older for this particular position.

If you’re interested or would like more information, please contact Mother Kathy. If you know someone who is interested, please pass along this info.

If you’d like to meet in person with Mother Kathy, please email her. She will set up a time to meet with you, social distancing, at her office at St. Andrew’s.

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