2021 Emmanuel Giving Tree

2021 Emmanuel Giving Tree

We’re undertaking a special project for the Giving Tree this year!

W.W. Robinson Elementary has a few programs that aren’t widely advertised and are in need of support — Admin, counselors and the nurses keep clothes, outerwear, socks and undergarments on hand to quietly give to students who they notice may not have weather-appropriate clothing, no outerwear, have a need for clothing due to personal reasons, or to students who become ill or have accidents so that they’re not left in soiled clothing all day. They also keep bottled water and snacks on hand in case kids come in, for whatever reason, without their own water bottle or snack, or without having had breakfast. Everything is given directly to the students, so it benefits them directly. It also helps the staff have a brighter day because so often they see kids in need  but aren’t able to help. With that in mind, we’ve arranged with the principal to support these efforts through our annual Giving Tree. The principal is excited that we’re doing this for them.

To join in this effort, all you need to do is pick item(s) off the list below, select from the noted size range if it’s clothing (it can be for boys or girls, your choice), have fun shopping them drop everything off at Emmanuel in the downstairs parlor by Mon., Dec. 13. If you’d like, you can even shop online and have items shipped to Emmanuel. If you prefer, you’re welcome to send a check, made out to Emmanuel and noted that it’s for the Giving Tree, to the church at 122 E. Court, St., Woodstock, VA 22664 and the Outreach Committee will shop for you based on where the list is a little light at the end. You can find the list of needed items below as soon as it’s available in the next week or so.

There’s no need to sign up or to worry about duplicates — anything and everything is needed! Don’t worry about tagging or wrapping this year either. It’s a super easy project since we know everyone is already stressed and harried with the upcoming holiday season. We do ask that the items be new and food be individually packaged.

Melissa is collecting and organizing everything, then arranging a drop off at the school before Christmas so they’ll have a very merry Christmas for the whole school.

If you have any questions, please contact Melissa.

1. Long sleeve shirts (tshirts/hoodies/sweat/fleece/sweaters) sizes 3T/XS to youth 18/XXL incl. Plus/husky; adult size S
2. Short sleeve sizes 3T/XS to youth 18/XXL incl. Plus/husky; adult size S
3. Pants (leggings/jeans/sweat) sizes 3T/XS to youth 18/XXL incl. Plus/husky; adult size S
4. Winter coats sizes 3T/XS to youth 18/XXL incl. Plus/husky; adult size S
5. Jackets/zip fleece/zip hoodies sizes 3T/XS to youth 18/XXL incl. Plus/husky; adult size S
6. Mittens/Gloves youth sizes
7. Winter hats youth sizes
8. Underwear (briefs for girl/boy or boxers/boxerbriefs for boys) sizes 3T to 16
9. Socks sizes XS to L youth; small or medium adult
10. Bottles of water
11. Individual packs of goldfish/granola bars/crackers/pretzels/applesauce squeeze packets (nonperishable snack/breakfast foods that are not high in sugar and can be eaten without utensils)